Welcome to S&M Services and Product Area.

Services: At S&M we supply racers with a variety of engine and packages. We also are a full service shop with the skills to provide our customers with the best in service options. From machine work of engine components, clutch blueprinting or rebuild service, tire cutting / balancing to our full service chassis assembly, setup and scaling we can do it all for you.

Clutch Services: One of our most popular service options is our clutch rebuilding and blueprinting service. We can nearly any brand of clutch refresh and improve it. Not only can we build or revamp your clutch, we can re-design it to fit your exact racing needs.

Race on a short time tracks or big long "flat foot" races? You tell us your needs and we'll provide you with a clutch that will be the perfect match for your individual race needs!

Chassis Service / Setup: When it come to being competitive, nothing makes more of a difference than your chassis setup. We take into account everything when setting up a kart for a driver, from the drivers weight and race division to the way the bodywork is mounted.

We use all of our experience to scale and assemble your chassis with the right tire combination, while keeping your setup adjustable for changing track conditions. What works on a dry slick track may not work on a tight damp track. So our setups are geared to give you the ability to fine tune your base setup for every heat or feature race.

Race at some of the same tracks we do? You are invited to visit with us at the track and we'll be happy to assist you on race day with gear, tire or setup info! When our customers perform well, we couldn't be happier!

Engine Refresh Services: We routinely rebuild and refresh engines built by other engine builders. No matter who built your engine originally, we can not only rework it, we can also get more power out of it as well! Our efforts are not only to make more power, but to also make your S&M refreshed engine last longer between rebuilds as well!

Contact us for your next refresh or any other custom engine build procedures you may need!

You can purchase parts, product 24/ 7 in our online store area!

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We carry the full WMS Product lineup!

We are a stocking dealer for Box Stock Project!

We can also offer you about any part, product or component currently available to racers. If you need an item not shown here or in our store area be sure and check with us before going elsewhere since we can get it for you and at the best in pricing!

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